Politics of Installation part I

By taking aesthetic responsibility in a very explicit way for the design of the installation space, the artist reveals the hidden sovereign dimension of the contemporary democratic order that politics, for the most part, tries to conceal.” – Boris Groys

Bas van den Hurk (NL) exhibits with Hans Demeulenaere (B) at Loods 12, Wetteren, Belgium in the exhibition Politics of Installation, part 1.

Politics of Installation is conceived as a dialogue, where both artists put their own, and each others practice under a microscope, to come to new works and models of presentation.


The project consists of two parts, in april shows a first version of the exhibition at Loods 12 in Wetteren. This is followed by a presentation in June at P ///// AKT in Amsterdam, where a combination of new work with some working out to see the previous exhibition in a new arrangement will be shown, as a second version.

The work of Hans Demeulenaere originates mainly in the sculptural and architectural, that of Bas van den Hurk more in painting. The connecting factor in their work is the oscillating relationship between autonomy and heteronomy.

loods 12 45 small

building up Politics of Installation

The work of Bas van den Hurk vibrates between painting, fashion, sculpture, installation, architecture and performance, and addresses the ‘making’, – the production – in its various forms. Hans Demeulenaere plays with the perception of scale and space. His work consists of objects, structures, frames and skeletons which give a place to the sculptural, but also elements from daily life.

The starting point for this joint work and exhibition periods is the question to what extent by making an installation (political) meanings can be given to a space. How do we deal with a shared space? How do we negotiate its use and meaning? An important referent is a text by Boris Groys, Politics of Installation.


In dialogue with Politics of Installation, a smaller group show, Peroquet is conceived at Loods 12, curated by Bas van den Hurk and Hans Demeulenaere. With works by Laleh Firoozi (IR), Sanne Jansen (NL), Paulina Mellado (PE), Liza Wolters (NL), Herman van Ingelgem (B), Pol Matthé (B), Frederik van Simaey (B), Fiona Mackay (UK).

You are cordially invited! Opening 12.04 11-18 h