dismantling Yourtopia

Yourtopia, ‘a truly utopian architectural project’ by architect Bjarne Mastenbroek (SeARCH) was developed in 2014 on the side terrain of Het Nieuwe Instituut, the former NAI.

Themes as globalization, the need for privacy and the almost perverse imbalance in wealth have changed the task of the architect dramatically. Therefore, Mastenbroek started again with the basic question: what is minimally needed to create a maximum quality of life? The pavilion refers to traditional forms for nomadic living, as the yurt and the Iglo. Inside, the pavilion was filled with exotic plants and hammocks under the filtered sky light.

The dismantling of the pavilion has started, the structure now looking bare and a bit dystopian in the Rotterdam Museumpark this cold monday morning. It’s bareness finally complements the architectural ‘dream image’ that felt so, so far away from all issues we are facing. Some form of relief and sympathy for the building fell over me, as it finally started to live.

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