Brant Foundation & Walter de Maria’s studio

Dan Colen, drunk “Scooby-Doo” sculpture, on display in exhibition held by the Brant Foundation at Walter De Maria’s former studio. Photo: Shawn Chittle, via EV Grieve.

Peter Brant hosted a Dan Colen show last december in Walter de Maria’s former NYC studio, that he famously kept private ever since he lived and worked there since 1980.

Located on East Sixth Street, the four-floor building, a former Con Ed substation, dates to 1920. De Maria purchased the property in 1980 and converted it into a live-work space. It hit the market following De Maria’s death in 2013, age 77, and the Brant family snatched it up through BFAB, LLC., for a cool $27 million in August, confirming months of rumors (see “Who Bought Walter De Maria’s East Village Studio?” and “Peter Brant Paid $27 Million for Walter De Maria’s Old Studio“).

The Dan Colen show features empty hand-blown glass beer bottles and hand-painted cigarette butts strewn about the 16,400-square-foot space; the artist’s stud paintings hung on the walls. According to New York Magazine, Colen tripped on the bottles, which appeared to have been consumed by a drunken sculpture of Scooby-Doo, on more than one occasion during the opening.

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